If using Custom Nameservers on a domain with Cloudflare Registrar, how do I publish glue records?


I’ve just had a play with Custom Nameservers and defined a couple of vanity names ns1.mydomain.com and ns2.mydomain.com to act as nameservers for mydomain.com. My old domain registrar had a option to publish the glue records necessary for this setup (name server in same zone) but I can’t see anything anywhere which would indicate I can manually do this when using Cloudflare Registrar.

Is this done automatically in a setup such as mine and I just need to wait out my TTL? Or do I request it somewhere?


Looks similar to this one… Custom Nameserver in cloudflare registrar
I think @matteo had a similar issue.


Yeah, I saw a couple of other posts including that one but this was never directly addressed. Namely - how does Cloudflare Registrar set the glue records for us.

I actually had a snoop around a couple of other sites and they’ve been registered elsewhere such as Google Domains etc. where it’s easy to do. I’m guessing that transferring in a working domain would also be fine as the work would be already done but the normal registrar functionality of setting glue seems to be missing here, unless it’s just being done behind-the-scenes if we define custom nameservers and Cloudflare sees it is in the same zone.

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Like mine :grin:

From what @sdayman said, yes - sounds like it.

@cloonan - not sure who we are supposed to tag for Registrar issues like this any more…


Actually I did check yours, haha.

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Still @SamRhea AFAIK.


Yeah, I have the same issue. I have a .io domain, for which there are issues setting the Glue records from Cloudflare to the TLD, can’t change from the current set of custom ones. Still to this date I have not received updates…

It’s been 4 months almost!

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