If only some visitors get SSL errors, is our setup at fault?

We have the SSL (Full) option set on our web site, and all works as expected for most users. But today we had a user share screen grabs that showed our web site throwing NET:ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID in Chrome and IE.

Does the fact this is only happening for a small sub-set of users (as far as we know, just one!) suggest the problem here is something their end, or could we have SSL set up incorrectly even though most visitors don’t report any problems and all the common browsers report a secure connection when we test?


It would be nice if they could dig a bit and find out what Common Name the cert is presenting. That would clear up any confusion.

What certificate do you have installed on your server?

Thanks for the reply!

I have asked our customer and she has given us this screen shot.


Is that what you felt would be helpful?

I have checked the server and it has an out-of-date Comodo cert still installed… but as everyone else seems to be able to see the site without a problem I’m not sure this can be the cause… though I will fix that.


It looks like that user is behind some corporate firewall/proxy with an improperly issued certificate. They need to have their IT department fix that.

Thanks for looking at that for me. I will let them know!

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