If my ssl is active why has it not been sent or exported to my site

if my ssl is active why has it not been sent or exported to my site

If you are talking about Cloudflare’s Universal SSL edge certificate, then that stays on the Cloudflare edge, see…

If you need an SSL certificiate for your origin server, then use a Cloudflare origin certificate (this requires the proxy is used as it is only trusted by Cloudflare) or get a certificate from LetsEncrypt or another trusted CA.

so why does my site has a grey triangle and site not trusted in the address bar. is my site proted with the universal SSL OR IS IT NOT. AND IF NOT WHAT DO WE NEED TO DO TO FIX. SITE IS LOADING FINE. IT SAYS THE SSL IS ACTIVE

It would help to give the domain as no-one can know without checking.

At some point in the last day or so you have switched back to Namecheap’s nameservers so traffic for your site is not passing through Cloudflare.

Whatever SSL problems you have are on your origin server.

(This likely means your SSL/TLS setting on Cloudflare is “Flexible” if your SSL appeared to work previously. You should fix the SSL problems on your origin server, then use “Full (strict)” to ensure connections are secured).

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