If my domain name is parked to another register

Hi guys i hope you’ll be fine
My question is
If my domain name is parked to another register then how can use SSL service ?

for example :neutral_face:

My domain name register on godaddy and i parked my domain name on hostinger

i am using hosting plan of hostinger
in this case how we update our Cloudflare name server

i hope you understand what i want to say…!

I’m not totally sure I understand the question, but I’ll try. It doesn’t matter where your site is hosted, or who your registrar is. As long as you update your name servers to use the ones provided by Cloudflare you should be able to route traffic and leverage our SSL.

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but i don’t think so it will worked
because i’m try but it’s not worked.

You have to go to GoDaddy and update your name server to use Cloudflare’s name servers.

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I’m thankful you are helping me… ryan - sdayman :blush:
I know how to update DNS I’m doing that.

My Question was. i have a domain who registered on godaddy. and i’m run this domain name with hostinger.

in this case I’m updating my hostinger DNS on Godaddy. for domain parking.

so now i want use SSL.
then i replace my hostinger DNS with Cloudflare DNS.
but after few minute my domain down some time run well and some time down.

With this problem I spent the 2 days
But after 48 hours the same problem was facing

Then removed it Cloudflare DNS
Hopefully I’ve explained my problem well.