If I'm using Route 53 which NS should I put in there?

I have now setup CF on Godaddy my registrar, but I’m hosting my website on AWS and so I’m using Route53 for the Loadbalancer etc. I’m now not sure if in R53 I should put in the Amazon NS or the CF NS.

It works when I have both as CF NS, but somehow my site speed decreased (Not sure if I can post my domain here)

Thank you in advance!

In order to use Cloudflare services you need to change the nameservers for your domain at your registrar. But you can’t point it to the ELB aliases, as Route53 DNS services are mandatory.

I guess that’s the reason for the slow down. But CF provides a load balancer as well :slight_smile:

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@MarkMeyer So at R53 I put domain to the direct IP to EC2 and the NS to AWS?

Or do I just have to change at Cloudflare and dont use R53 anymore ? Excuse me I’m just a bit confused.

I have NS Settings at my registrar those point to CF. That is needed. That I have done.

Now I have DNS Entries at CF and at R53 and I’m not sure about where to point those.

But thanks already!

On Route53 you’d point your records to ELB aliases. To use ELB it necessary to set the Amazon nameservers at your registrar. (Not NS records, that’s different). It’s the same for Cloudflare.

You can’t use both, so either stay with AWS or use Cloudflare. As soon as you set Cloudflare nameservers for your domain, you can’t control it through Route53 anymore.

Since you’re using ELB, you may want to use Cloudflare load balancing. The LBs will stay in front and you just need to point them to your EC2 instances.

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