If i upgrade plan to business can my visitors access to ICN (Seoul) Edge?


or i need to use Enterprise?



Theoretically you can already, as far as I know and the team tells us (@cloonan and @cscharff) there shouldn’t be a difference between Free and Enterprise as far as POPs go.

It can happen that some POPs are disable temporarily due to high usage. Most often the issue is due to the fact that the ISP isn’t peering correctly to that POP.

Cloudflare’s website and go to Seoul?



No Cloudflare said on the topic about traffic fee in Asia is high - especially Seoul of Republic of Korea (South Korea) - They limit people access free, pro plan sites via ICN edge
and they replied to me “On our Free or Pro plans (or Business in Korea), we serve you locally with any ISP that interconnects with us” like this
so i need to use enterprise for ICN?



Well, if you already talked to Support about this then their word is better than mine. I don’t know anything that is not publicly known.

I didn’t expect any POP to be limited to Enterprise only (except for China, but that is a different story).

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So i need to ask to support to make it sure?



Yep. Or wait for a possible reply by the team I mentioned before.

Support would be a good idea to contact, the reply may come earlier by them.