If I type in dsrkickstarter.com into my browser it is not going to https://www.dsrkickstarter.com it is going to my host (clickfunnels) home page

If I type in mydomain dot com into my browser it is not resolving correctly. it is going to my host (clickfunnels) home page. I was told to create a page rule but that isn’t helping.

If I write out the full address that does resolve correctly in browser.
Screenshot attached. these are the settings Clickfunnels support told me to use.

Your page rule looks to be set up properly.

Do you have your WWW record proxied?

This would be the only thing holding up as page rules need to have a proxied record in order to work.

Redirect with Page Rules

Page Rule subdomains require an “Orange Clouded” DNS record for the Page Rule to work. Page Rules won’t apply to subdomains that don’t exist in DNS or aren’t being directed to Cloudflare.


Thanks for your reply. I’m attaching what is under DNS management.

In that last post was my settings. Still not working for me.

Your last post still shows your cname WWW as not proxied(DNS-only).

Like stated earlier, page rules will not work if it does not have a proxied record.

Please orange-cloud(proxy) your record for WWW and let us know if that works.


I had tried that when you posted previously. Nothing changed on what I’m trying to fix, however it did make the full domain with https forward to clickfunnels as well. :frowning:

Hi @freakhouse when I visit your URL now, it seems to work as expected. Can you double check on your end if things are good?

It still resolves to click funnels home page. Type dsrkickstarter dot com without any https or www - you may have to erase your cookies/browser history.