If i transfer my domain registry to Cloudflare how will i handle email?

I want to transfer my domains the the Cloudflare registry but I am worried about how I then handle my email accounts for the domains, do we have to use an outside service to then handle the email account?

Hi @marcsteam,

It depends how you currently have your email configured. If you are using your registrar’s email forwarding, for example, Cloudflare doesn’t offer this. If you are using another mail service, then that should work OK if you copy the MX record(s) over correctly.

Thank you - I am currently using my registrar for the email accounts but I realise if i transfer my domains to Cloudflare so they become my registrar I wont / cannot see an option for setting up / adding email accounts

No problem! Yes, if the registrar offers the emails with the domain name then this will probably not work if you transfer to Cloudflare. If they are also a host, they may offer an email service when they are not the registrar or you may need to look elsewhere for email if you want to use Cloudflare Registrar.

Thank you again, you have confirmed my thoughts on this. Could you suggest an appropriate service I could use to handle my email accounts that would work well alongside Cloudflare?

all advise very much appreciated :slight_smile:

No worries! GSuite or Office365 generally work very well and are normally easy to configure with Cloudflare. If you don’t need a full inbox, but just email forwarding, there are lots of services out there for that.

Thank you, I will go look at those options now :slight_smile: