If I run the load balancer through CF; can I CNAME www to that?

Simple question but curious, I know I can point testspot.example.comexample.com. Would this work the same for if I load balance? Just looking to convert www.example.com->example.com and use the load-balancer.

I’m in production mode so wasn’t really trying to test the balancing aspect fully just yet but working for my next update to be fully stateless and scalable.

Do you mean you want to setup a load balancer for example.com and point a CNAME from www to it?

This is doable if I’m not mistaken.

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Yes it’s doable in Cloudflare

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Okay just was wondering and yes, CNAME www sub-domain to the load-balanced example.com.
This way users auto-redirect when they use www.

Sounds like this is a thing so perfect, can’t wait to deploy it in time.

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