If I remove my site and re-add it

HI, I’m a complete newb and accidentally deleted all my DNS Records. I’m considering removing my site from Cloudflare and then re-adding it in the hopes that it would scan and add automatically as it did when I first activated my site.

I don’t want to further *F myself so can anyone chime in on the viability of my plan? thank you in advance. Stressed. =(

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That is a good way to resolve your issue. The only thing is, before you re-add, you might want to change the nameservers to whatever they were before you switched them to Cloudflare nameservers.

I would suggest giving them some time to propagate before re-adding to Cloudflare.

Good luck!

Thank you! and thanks for the heads up !

Your webhost, which is where your old name servers are, might have a way to export your DNS records. That would be quicker and easier.

Thank you i will try that first.

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