If i point from bluehost will my website still work?

I have a wordpress website (makola.com.gh) hosted on bluehost, i tried to set it up on my Cloudflare Pro Account, but i get a last screen that say’s i should change my nameservers, That’s where i have a problem.

I have already pointed the domain from the registrar to bluehost to be able to build my website, if i replace the bluehost name server with yours wouldn’t that break my website? My Registrar allows me to add more name servers, shouldn’t i rather “add” the cloudflare name servers rather than replace it with the existing one? will it work?

My Ticket ID #2017341

You can’t run two sets of name servers. It needs to be Cloudflare only. But your DNS records here at Cloudflare should be a perfect match of all the DNS records at Bluehost. Then it will work fine, as Cloudflare DNS will do everything that Bluehost DNS did…plus you get the benefit of Cloudflare’s Pro features.

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