If I ping cloud flare or any other cloud flare site I get 20ms latency but on my site I get 115ms. wrong colo

cloudflare /cdn-cgi/trace. and other is my domain /cdn-cgi/trace. the colo is different for my site resulting in high ping, how can I change colo for my site to LHE same as cloudflare ?

I suppose if you upgraded to an Enterprise plan, you would be routed to LHR with that higher priority.

Give this a try for your domain:

Right now the website and the project is in its hatching process when it reaches such milestone where we encounter great traffic on our site then yes upgrading will be considered . But for now we are trying to experience public services that cloud flare offers to every one. even on the link provided there is possibility of 36ms for free users.

Just some time ago I changes some settings in my cloud flare dashboard and it gave me 30ms too, but minutes later it went back to 115ms. picture attached for observation . can there be a way to route my page to closes data center available for free users ?

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