If i move my website to another hosting so how can i change DNS in cloudflare?

Hello there!

i already setup Cloudflare but i want to change my hosting and i need to change my Nameserver again

so if i move my website to another hosting so how can i change DNS in Cloudflare?

please guide me


This is for adding, but you edit them on the same page.

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Do you want to move from Cloudflare or just change DNS records like A, CNAME and so on?

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i need to change dns which i add on Cloudflare

Yes, you need to change the DNS records in the Cloudflare DNS tab.

yes i do but not working for me

its better than change dns if i remove my a Cloudflare account and create new one

its better and easy i think

If your new host has given you a list of records, which they should or they could be visible in your control panel, it is very easy to edit them on the Cloudflare DNS page without having to delete and re-add the zone and change nameservers etc

can you please give me video how to do this is very easy for me

because as you said i already try the same think few month ago that time my dns is not change ir
i’ll wait 2 days but not change then i remove my Cloudflare account and create new one then my dns is working fine

I will create a tutorial tomorrow on this. Unfortunately i do not have time tonight! I will post back when I have.

Here is the tutorial, as promised!

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