If i exceeds the traffic cloudflare expected on that plan can my account be removed or something

I heard some ppl used a lot of traffic’s site is removed or forced to upgrade their plan
it can be possible or is there someone have heard about this issue?

I don’t have an official response, maybe someone from the team can chime in. That being said I can tell you that it will most likely depend on the traffic level. Normal traffic won’t be an issue. What kind of traffic are looking at?

i’m talking about normal traffic but like 10tb on free plan

10TB is not normal traffic levels. It’s extremely high levels. I would guess it really depends on what kind of traffic it is (in particular cached vs. not cached I would imagine), I saw this much traffic happen without issues. Maybe @cloonan can confirm. Otherwise probably support is your best bet to have a confirmation.


30mbps continuous bandwidth utilisation is the new normal - how times have changed :sunglasses:

Yep, agreeing with @matteo, that is somewhat a lot for a single free account and I’d also clarify that first with support.

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Hi @sacurahelp, no harm in reaching out to support to get their read on your specific situation. With that being said, I do know that we do not limit simultaneous connection based on plan level. WRT bandwidth, if there is an issue, Cloudflare will reach out to you for dialogue - we will not just cut or limit your service. But, it is good to make Support aware of any potential issues in advance, they are there to help.


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