If i enable cloudflare then both website redirect to some spam website

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What is the domain name? tconsult.co.uk

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What is “some spam website”? It looks like your website is unproxied right now.

Your Cloudflare account may have been hacked.

Check your Audit Log (Manage Account → Audit Log) for any unauthorized changes.

If you can’t find the redirect being created there, it’s most likely either a Single Redirect (within your site in CF Dash, go to Rules → Redirect Rules, look at Single Redirects) or a Page Rule Redirect (check under Rules → Page Rules)
If you find anything unauthorized/a redirect you didn’t create:
Secure compromised account · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs


Thanks for reply.
still if i enable cloudflare its redirect to : ‘nkbihfbeogaeaobhlefnkodbefgpgknn . com’
for domain: ‘vantagefc. co. uk’

Yea, your account was hacked, some other people have had their accounts breached and redirected to that same URL. Follow the secure a compromised account guide above, and undo everything they did via the Audit Log/make sure you find and remove the redirect.

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