If I connect the Website Server With Cloudflare, My iOS & Android APK are working as super Fast?

Hi Cloudflare Team,

I have an online store (website), IOS & android applications also. My online store connected from WooCommerce, as well my mobile application also getting data from WooCommerce application, now I’m trying to upgrade this account as a business plan, if upgrade this account as premium user, can I get super faster regarding website & both mobile application?

If you say 100% yes for this question, I’ll be going to do buy this plan, otherwise tell good opinion to me…

There shouldn’t be a huge difference between the free version and paid versions in terms of speed. It’s mostly features that are added.

I guess your applications are using the wp-json API. These requests aren’t cached by Cloudflare at all by default. By caching your API requests with some page rules you should even notice a lot of improvements on the free plan. However you should be careful when implementing this, since you don’t want to cache your check-out or client portal in Woocommerce.

However, if you demand replies for support within 30mins. I would go for a business plan.


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