If I change my DNS but not activate Cloudflare on my subdomains, will they still work?

Hey everyone,

Could use your help before I pull the trigger on this one.

So, I have a marketing site www.studioninja.co AND an app subdomain app.studioninja.co AND a help site subdomain help…

I want to use Cloudflare on my main marketing site but not my subdomains.

If I change the DNS settings on the domain and enable Cloudflare on the marketing site. What will happen to the subdomains??

Hope that makes sense.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

It’ll work. Your DNS will look like:

www.studioninja.co A (this is your normal IP address) Orange Cloud (toggling the orange cloud will put Cloudflare in front of your www/main site
app.studioninja.co A (this is your normal IP address) Grey Cloud (toggling grey will bypass Cloudflare)
help.studioninja.co A (this is your normal IP address) Grey Cloud (Again, bypassing Cloudflare)

Hey thanks so much!

But how do I enable Cloudflare if I don’t change the DNS settings of my domain to:


I thought I need to change the DNS settings to make Cloudflare work?


You’ll need to change your nameserver to use Cloudflare.
Follow @sdayman instruction to :grey: those that bypass Cloudflare and :orange: the subdomain that passes Cloudflare.

If you wanted to use your existing DNS, you’ll need to use the CNAME setup which will require Business plan or above.
More information here:


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Yes change your nameservers at your registrar for your domain. Once you do that, set up your DNS in the Cloudflare dashboard like this (I’m a visual guy):

You may omit the CNAME www if you like. Hope this helps!