If I buy pro, can I see additional analytics on sites I am only an administrator on?

Basically the title. When viewing a domain that’s not on my account, but that I have administrator privelages to, Cloudflare gives me the option of buying Pro to view additional analytics. However, based on the definition of Administrator vs Super-Administrator on the cloudflare help page, administrators cannot touch billing for accounts.

So my question is, if I buy Pro on my account, can I see the advanced analytics on this other domain? And if not, why does Cloudflare tell me (and give me the option) to buy pro?

Yes, you can view it, you just have to log into the main account (or ask the main account holder) to upgrade to pro. The only thing regular Admins can’t do is chance billing or manage members.

So the answer is no then. My point was that on the administrator account it lets me purchase pro while viewing a domain I don’t have super-administrator access to. That seems like a weird thing to let me do, by saying “purchase pro to view these advanced analytics” on a domain I’m only administrator for, then turn around after I purchase Pro and say “ohhh, we meant only on YOUR domains, not domains you have access to!”

I think that I was mistaken - I didn’t think I could change billing plans for other domains, but it seems you can (there goes $20 testing it out!). Nonetheless, regardless of if you actually own an account or not, administrators have full access to view everything about the other account, including reaping the benefits of upgraded subscriptions.

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I’m glad I didn’t make that bet. Docs say otherwise.

Super Administrators can edit all Cloudflare settings, make purchases

Administrators can complete various tasks, but they cannot edit the membership management and billing settings.

Now that you spent $20 on a Pro plan for a domain you’re not Super Admin on, does this mean you can’t cancel the subscription unless you’re the Super Admin? Or does the subscription show up in your own account?

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As sdayman said, does the subscription show up in your account?

Also, does that mean I’m able to change other Pro-level settings on the domain while the Super-admin is not (assuming they didn’t buy Pro), or is it limited to viewing information like Analytics and a few other areas around the panel?

Thanks for testing it out, btw.

I think you misunderstand what Pro is. Pro subscriptions apply to domains, not to accounts or on a per-account basis. If you have three domains, for example, you would need to spend $20 for each domain to receive the Pro benefits on all of them (full-account subscriptions used to be a thing and some old accounts have that grandfathered pricing but it’s no longer available for new accounts). All users with access to that domain can manage all settings and view all data on it (unless you have enterprise RBAC).

I granted another account Admin to my main account and it was able to

  • sign up for pro
  • cancel pro
  • view all invoices and billing usage for that account
  • view payment info & billing address, but I was not able to change them
  • view the ‘subscriptions’ tab and cancel subscriptions

And I forgot that this billing system, unfortunately, charges my card directly for the first month, even while I have credits available :confused:


Thanks so much, you’ve been a great help. Terribly sorry about the $20, but now this thread will be here for future googlers!

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