If I am not in the cloudfare network can I redirect my domain to a cloudfare network domain

I’m trying to redirect my domain to tebex.io which is on the cloudfare network. Every time I try it gives me an error related to cloudfare. Please help me.

It might be helpful to include more details. How are you redirecting (CNAME, 3XX, HTML/JS)? What error are you getting?

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You can redirect your domain or a request containing specific word or any other stuff to any other you want, if you own it and have access to it.
Keep in mind, some of Websites have high security, so if the referrer is not the same, or they spot a traffic from X, they can and should block or deny requests from it.

I actually signed up my website on cloudflare, because a support agent said that would make it work. My website now says it’s working on cloudflare, and I am using a URL record. Now I am getting the error of Site cannot be reached

Is your website tebex.io or some other which you wish to redirect to tebex.io? If so, what is the domain name of that Website?

Tebex is what I would like to redirect to, but it is not mine.

So, you have yourdomain.com added to your Cloudflare account, right?

At the DNS dashboard, do you have A records pointed to your IP address of your host/origin server and is the cloud :orange: or :grey:?

Could you please reply here with your domain name so we can check if it has propagated correctly with the new Cloudflare nameservers which you, hopefully, changed at your domain registar?

If you mean an honest-to-goodness 301/302 redirect where the browser flashes your domain before landing on the destination domain in the address bar, it’s done like this:

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