If I already want to use Durable Objects in production, will Cloudflare allow me that?

Hi! I am building a big app, I’ll be ready in like 3-6 months. I want to use Durable Objects because it’s such a great product and solves many complicated tasks.

But it is currently on Beta and has a 10GB storage cap. On discord some friends told me that Cloudflare will release DOs from beta at the end of the year.
Now my question: if I build now my app, and am ready with it, but Cloudflare still didn’t release Durable Object for production, will they maybe still let me use it and erase the 10GB cap (if i ask them kind)? or will I have to wait unfortunately?

edit: same goes for websockets

They almost certainly won’t increase the cap for Durable Objects just for you; you’d have to wait.

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What’s your app name.