If I Add ? to the end of my urls and any text they still load the page correctly?

I believe my site has a problem with static query strings not been removed as when I add a ? to any of my sites urls along with any random text it does not display my 404 page?

Could this be caused by Cloudflare or if not any suggestions as to the cause?

Hard to say. Do you have any cache plugins and/or page rules?

Why should it display such a page?

Very unlikely, but without the domain it is impossible to say anything.

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Just add ? and then anything after it to see what I mean.

Many thanks

Sure, it loads your site and what is the problem with that?

Hi, Yes I have rocket premium installed.

https://bitcoin-casino-no-deposit-bonus.com/?test query string shouldn’t return an error unless you have a firewall rule but https://bitcoin-casino-no-deposit-bonus.com/bad_url?test would give you a 404.

That was my very first question which hasnt been addressed by the OP so far though.

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