If Cloudflare was to make a Community newsletter what would you want in it?

Hey, Cloudflare Community!

If Cloudflare put together a Community newsletter what sort of content, insight, and information would you want to see in it?

Respond here and let us know! Your input will make a big impact on this, so all ideas are welcome and appreciated.


What would the Community newsletter feature in it?

That is what we’d like to hear from the Community

The current digest looks like this


A summary of what happened in the last week/month could be cool but way too “normal”, not very exciting per se, I’d say.

If we want to enhance the user experience, perhaps we could send a newsletter every so often featuring new guides or relevant information that users could find helpful.
We could introduce a member of the month that features the person with the most resolved/liked posts.

Simultaneously, we could announce the new Questions of the week that are posted to generate more engagement, as I believe these posts are sometimes left unseen (personal experience).


Per each newsletter I would like to see:

  • Cloudflare logo.
  • Two Advertisements of an Cloudflare feature and short description (like WAF for example, Pro plan) - one on the top, one at the bottom of newsletter.
  • One FirewallTip.
  • One most read topic.
  • One Featured topic of the week.
  • 2-3 links from upcoming from the blog.
  • One topic - not sure which - mostly replied? or most starred? or most active? from each of the Community Forum categories + 2-3 links to other topics within them (for example solved and useful).
  • One Cloudflare TV topic/video + link to see more (or one featured + links to other “most viewed”, what was most viewed in past week).
  • Always include the “How to get started for free & try out” tutorial(s).
  • Cloudflare footer logo.
  • Unsubscribe option.
  • Links to Cloudflare Help Center / Support.
  • Links to Cloudflare Social networks (FB, TW, IG, LI …)

I’d sure like to see a “What We Do” from other departments. Sure, we hear all about Support and the Devs, but not much from the behind-the-scenes staff. Office staff, dare I say Trust & Safety?, and I’m sure there are jobs we never hear about.


First of all, all about technologies, research and implementation.
Then an insight about Cloudflares’s business model, including strategies and future possibilities. I believe I would cry and scream a week or more if I hear tomorrow that Microsoft, Amazon or Google buys Cloudflare. So I would like to know what you guys are doing to escape this horrid possibility. Anyway I think that Cloudflare it’s an amazing adventure and I thank you all for this.

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The #Blog is the place where we communicate as much of this information as we are able. And, I do want to expose more of the top blog content in the new newsletter.

Perfect timing on your post by the way, thank you. ATM I am virtually attending our 2022 kickoff and while I cannot share details, I can share that I think 2022 is going to be very exciting!


Hmm, the first thought off the topic of my head is solutions of the week. The showcase of threads where a common or unique problem is encountered and how the community of folks eventually solved it. But then not sure how interesting it would be for most folks if it’s an issue that has nothing to do with their situation? :slight_smile:

Personally, for me it’s one of the ways I like to learn, reading about other folks problems and how a solution came to be :smiley:


I’m 67. I can’t know the future but I can see what happens in the global economy. I can’t evaluate the historic importance of Cloudflare, but I believe that the open source model has ALREADY changed the world. I mean from 1970 to today, I mean collective invention. And then some cathedral monsters came to devour the bazaar baby.
That’s the reason why I thought that the newsletter should inform about the business model: to generate engagement. To expand the bazaar…

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it should start with a few aims of the newsletter and also about the organization why they are writing this newsletter report.
Activities and their impact on society should be highlighted and information about it should be lucid.

I’d like that! :smiley:

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Links from the community (forum/external blogs)!

In addition to what has been said already by other folks, I would like to see something like a question/competition for newsletter readers about Cloudflare and the prize was one of the paid services of Cloudflare for free for the winner.

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Did anyone get this yet?

Overall: Not bad, I really don’t have any feedback at this time!

What do you think of the first community newsletter?
  • It’s good
  • It’s ok
  • It’s bad

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Where can i download it? I tried to see what is in it, but i couldn’t see anything because the image qualities are low. Where is it possible to download this?

It should be in your email (at least that’s where I saw it)

hi @hst I just shared a copy of Volume 1 here,

We’ll be adding some subscribe options here. I did check and see your email on the send list, and you are opted in to receive promotional information…so it may be in your spam folder? Let us know and sorry for missing you.