If Cloudflare is registrar how to change NS to another Cloudflare NS?

@TKlein, the other thing, does the OP here actually use two accounts?

I think that’s what my colleague also wanted to figure out. But in this case, that should be no issue for us to switch these name servers for the domain. Awaiting ticket response :slight_smile:

Ehm? :slight_smile:

@TKlein, so does Cloudflare now support the account change?

To clarify, as it might be a bit confusing:

If the domain was transferred and is pointing to the incorrect name servers, our team can change them to get the site back online. Otherwise, according to our ToS, changing it to a third-party is not possible and transferring the domain to another account is also not possible at the moment. Changing the name server to another account’s name servers might be possible, but I’d have to double check. It’s likely that these are also restricted for technical reasons at the moment.

But that would be an effective transfer across accounts.

ToS does say “no nameserver changes”.


My question would be why Cloudflare changed the nameservers. AFAIK that should never happen.

You mean why it’s a mismatch between the account it was purchased on, and the registration? That’s highly unlikely.

The original post makes it sound like a third party uses Cloudflare name servers, and this person wants to use their service.

Well, the OP said this is the same account where he registered the domain and I understand that’s also what @TKlein hinted at. So the nameservers shouldn’t have changed.

I do NOT seek to move the domain to another account.

I have used Cloudflare for anyc dot xyz where the registrar is namecheap and the host is 000webhost.

I decided to give Cloudflare a shot as registrar for davidmichaelharris dot com and the host is 000webhost.

anyc dot xyz works.
davidmichaelharris dot com fails.

If you compare anyc dot xyz to davidmichaelharris-com dot 000webhostapp dot com you will see two very simple sites. The difference lies in DNS and respective registrars.

I find it unfathomable that is so challenging to resolve.

I use anyc dot xyz as an example. It is completely separate from davidmichaelharris dot com. There is no confusion about Cloudflare login, This is not my first rodeo.

Yet for some reason, and really want to know that reason, using Cloudflare as registrar seems to erect a roadblock.

Is there some fine print I missed. What use would it be to be able to register and not control? I just, as yet, DO NOT GET IT.

I mean no disrespect here.

Neither domain transfer nor interaccount transfer is sought by me.

I am merely attempting to use Cloudflare as registrar. I chose CF.

CF is the registrar for davidmichaelharris dot com.

So exactly what is confusing?

Sorry about the confusion. What I can tell you is that the zone with the brynne and eoin is indeed in a different account than what it’s currently pointing to and what currently is active (Zone). It’s actually on the same account active (Zone) as davidmichaelharris.com (Registrar). The name servers are currently pointing correctly as far as I can see.

The email you used in a ticket is not the one used in the account, as far as I can tell.

Edit: Clarified a couple of things

I use an email which starts with a “d” for registration at CF and have used that same email in a ticket.

It is possible I used an email which starts with a “n” at some point.

When I login to CF to work on davidmichaelharris dot com I use the email I used to register the domain with CF - namely the “d” address.

If my present pain is self-inflicted, life will go on. I strongly suspect otherwise.

What else needs “clarification”?

I have removed davidmichaelharris dot com from the “problematic” account.

The domain remains in the account that registered it. Meaning the associated email account.

Now what.

I do not seek to change nameservers. I seek to use CF in conjunction with a hosting company which has worked for me in the context of CF in the past.

I see no reason it should not work now.

The cname that CF shows on the CF site is not found by external verification services.


Make sure that CNAME is set to :grey: DNS Only.

A, AAA, SOA all resolved. CNAME not resolved.