If CDN is activated, then Cloudflare DNS resolves to wrong IP! Need Help!

Hello everybody,

for a couple years I use Cloudflare CDN to hide the backend IP of my website to protect it from attacks.

Two days ago my website hoster (CCI Hosting) told me that they had moved my website to another server and that I should change the IP in my DNS Settings to NEW_IP At that point my website could not be reached.

In Cloudflare DNS settings changed all entrys from OLD_IP to NEW_IP.

When I opened my website then there was the “Error 1000: DNS points to prohibited IP”
What strikes me most, at the bottom of this error message it says
“Cloudflare Ray ID: 45675something • Your IP: ANOTHER_IP • Performance & security by Cloudflare”

I mean, the ANOTHER_IP at the bottom of the error message is similar to my NEW_IP but only the last two digits are different (NEW_IP has .171 and ANOTHER_IP has .130).

I tried to solve the problem using this FAQ entry:

The in the FAQ proposed solution “method 1” does not work, because all IP settings in Cloudflare are already on NEW_IP. The proposed solution “method 2” is not an option for me because switching off CDN is simply not an option.

I have already contacted my website hoster (CCI Hosting) but they told me that in my Cloudflare DNS settings I have set the wrong IP ( ANOTHER_IP ) which is stated in the error message. But this is not true. In my Cloudflare DNS settings I have set NEW_IP like my website hoster told me.

I am totally confused. Can you guys please help me out?
Any hints? What should I do?

Regards, David

I believe this message usually appears when you point to a Cloudflare IP. Are you absolutely sure you updated all your DNS settings?

That should not display any IP, let alone your server IP.

Can you post your domain?

Hi, thanks for your quick reply!

Are you absolutely sure you updated all your DNS settings?

When I log into Cloudflare.com I choose my domain.
Then I click on “DNS” in the top menu.
All A-entrys there have “Points to NEW_IP” and the only CNAME-Entry (“www”) has “is an alias of mydomain.com”.
Is there any other Cloudflare menu where I should have changed the DNS / IP settings?

That should not display any IP, let alone your server IP.

Well, it does not dispay the IP of my website, but simply a similar IP (different last two digits).

Here is a screenshot:

That seems to be your IP then. Can you confirm that?

Without details it is impossible to say more, you can open a support ticket. I guess you wouldnt want to disclose the IP here, right?

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