If Blocking Entire United states Country, Will it Crawl or Indexes site on Google?

Hi guys,

Site being hit by United States IPs (BOT). We’ve Captcha challenge them via the Firewall Rules.

However, will this stop Google US bot from crawling our site?

Daily request 60k from only United States

If i used Captcha challenge for United States Country then my post is not crawling or indexes on google

If i remove the Captcha Challenge then Bots is hugging the server resources

Also When I went to share on My business Facebook page I got a URL returned bad HTTP response code.


Thank you very much!

Yes, it will. You’ll need to exclude “known bots” in your rule.

just add one more rule with AND Condition or OR condition

Then it will stop unwanted request or not

it will crawl /indexes automatically, Right

what about server resources?


Depends on your overall setup, but most likely with an AND. No OR.

(ip.geoip.country eq "US" and not cf.client.bot)

I used only OR condition

Please check the screenshot

I posted an example.

Thanks, i did as according to your example

This will not hugging the server resources

all my post will crawl/indexes on google, right

Is it anything else need to do

That will do exactly what you originally described.

This way CPU USAGE, RAM (server resources) will not hugging

all my post will crawl/indexes on google, right

Is it anything else need to do

Well, let’s go through this rule. What does it do?

Okay, i will let you know after sometime

about server resources, preview on FB , Indexes post on google search


Do you know

how to create rule threat score ?
when it will use and benefits ?

It all is covered at https://developers.cloudflare.com/firewall/cf-firewall-rules/

Hello Sandro

Yes i reviewed

Fb preview issue is resolved
indexes is almost resolved

But sometimes resources used very high

CPU usages touches 100%
Load server is also increase
Ram is also increase

After changed in cloudflare Firewal rule

What should i do for this


You need to check that on your server.

Thanks, from server end it was good

No problem, i will ask again

Can i add threat score rule for united states that will work


Aforementioned link has all these details.

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