If Blocking Entire Country, Will It Block Google Bot?

Hi guys,

Site being hit by Russian IPs. We’ve blocked them via the Firewall Rules.

However, will this stop Google RU bot from crawling our site?

If so, how do we enable Google to still crawl it, after blocking the whole of Russia?

Thank you very much!

Use a ‘Firewall Rule’ and match on both ip.geoip.country (RU, CN etc.) and the internal Cloudflare param cf.client.bot (which is true for bots and false for non-bots).

i.e to block only non-bots from Russia and China whilst allowing their bots:

(http.request.method eq "GET" and ip.geoip.country in {"RU" "CN"} and not cf.client.bot)


Thank you for the quick reply Saul!

I think I’ve followed your instructions correctly. Can you please confirm?:

Thank you!

Yeah, looks perfect. I’m in Australia so if you like you could temporarily add that country and send me your domain name and I’ll post you a screenshot of my access attempt just so you have proof it’s working?

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