IE11 video stream play problem

I have developed one of website using cloudflare service.

Please check this url on IE11
There is some of video list in this page.
Some videos are playing and some are not playing.
It is using cloudflare video stream.

In chrome , it is working.
But the only problem is that IE11.

Some videos are not playing at all.

Can you help this problem ?
Let me know. Thanks

I had some videos play & others not with IE 11 as well. This wouldn’t be a Cloudflare issue though but you can click on the gear icon then go down to F12 Developer Tools and you’ll see lots of console errors that will point you to the script that’s not compatible with IE & other useful tools to help with debugging although just swapping your video script for a better one seems easiest since it also has display issues.

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The console errors are caused by cloudflare video player.

Cloudflare support their own video player. It is based on VidoeJS plugin.

But it is showing lots of console error now.
Is there any solution for this?

Please check cloudflare video playing on IE11.
It is showing also console error same as like me.