IDN/Punycode Domain

I have a IDN domain (lamañ I installed Cloudflare plugin on wordpress, Im already configured the domain lamañ on Cloudflare, but when i go to wordpress admin Settings → Cloudflare I get: "It looks like your domain xn– is not provisioned with Cloudflare. Please continue to Cloudflare to secure and speed up your website. " If i try to add xn– on Cloudflare, Cloudflare say I already had configured this domain, because i configured lamañ What i need to do to resolve this issue?

i had a mistake writing, the domain is lamañ, not .com

Your domain appears to be properly configured for Cloudflare. The warning you receive from the plugin might be incorrect and it might be confused because of the IDN. The domain itself properly points to Cloudflare and should work fine.

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But cause this error i cannot edit the plugins settings form WP admin

I presume you are talking about Cloudflare’s own plugin, arent you? In this case I’d open for starters an issue at Issues · cloudflare/Cloudflare-WordPress · GitHub, however I am afraid it is not exactly the best supported piece of software by Cloudflare.

The most realistic suggestion at this point might be to forgo the plugin and configure things in the Cloudflare dashboard.

Ok, thanks.

I will do the configurations directly from Cloudflare panel.

You think i need to uninstall the plugin on WordPress or is irrelevant?

It probably is irrelevant, but if you dont use it I’d generally recommend to uninstall it.

Thanks a lot Sandro!