IDN domain support for email (and other places9

We have added an IDN domain with an æ in the name.

The DNS functions fine, we had to use the puny-code name and not the utf name in order to add the domain. In the DNS interface the domain name shows up using the utf characters.

In the Cloudflare Pages interface the domain must be added as punycode, and it continues to show up as puny code, however works fine.

We have enabled Cloudflare email for the domain, and even though the mx records have been added (and now cannot be removed) the email still says: “Email Routing is currently disabled and not routing emails.”

Even removing the domain entirely from Cloudflare does not work.

How can I either disable the Cloudflare email or get it to recognize that the mx records are already added (preferred)

Domains with international characters are not supported for Email Routing currently:

Unfortunately the UI does not expose this information, so it is possible to get stuck in this way.

Does it let you unlock the domain without removing the DNS records? Once they’re unlocked you can then remove the DNS records yourself.

If both of these options here don’t work on domains with international characters, then that seems like a rather serious bug in Email Routing and likely needs to be escalated.

Ahh, that explains a lot, and too bad it will not work.

No I cannot unlock the email routing as it does not think they are present

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Thanks for letting me know, I’ve forwarded this to the team for someone to look at.

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