Identity V

I am a user who has been using your software for a long time. Myself and most of my friends are very supportive of your work. Recently we have used your app to play a game called Identity V, here is some information about this game: Identity V – Wikipedia tiếng Việt

We as well as many users currently living in Vietnam almost all use your app to connect to this game. As far as I know, its data server clusters are located in China and Japan. I don’t have any complaints about your app, but besides that, a large part of users complain that our use of your app causes FPS (Frames per second) ) was suddenly inflated and the game went bad.

With little knowledge in this area, I hope you, the founders and developers of this app can answer my question: Will my teammates as well as other users in the game be affected? when I turn on WARP or WARP+ mode?
Looking forward to hearing from you soon,
Sincere thanks!

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