Identify Which Page Rules is being hit

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Is there a tool available by Cloudflare or someone built to test your “new” Page Rule ?

I mean, you provide an intended URL and it will tell you which Page Rule will match and trigger ?

It will be extremely useful if you have to manage 100s of rules across several accounts.

Highly appreciate for any tips / githubs repo etc.

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I’m not sure if this will ever happen. Page Rules are kind of EOL, they are doing work (as you might guess from all the new Rules kind of products) to replace them with more powerful and easier to use tools.

Some features are still helpful, but more and more will be migrated.

It shouldn’t ve hard to figure out the specific Page Rule as it goes in linear order as they are listed.

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which new product is covering Rules ?

There are multiples, it depends on what you are trying to achieve.

I have lots of Caching rules using Cache Keys with Cookies, query parameters etc.

would you also share a link to the where it says Page Rules are EOL.?

It’s “kind of EOL”, they are slowly replacing it, so no new big features will be added, but support is maintained. As in it won’t break for now.

Those, excluding the single toggles are the only remaining thing to replace… one day. So you can’t replace Page Rules yet. You might be able to replace them with an easier config using Workers, but it’s paid.

I’m assuming you are using the Enterprise plan, considering the Cache Keys and Cookie Bypass. Try talking to your Solutions Engineer…


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