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I am Web Developer in process of transferring a clients site from being hosted on WP-Engine to Flywheels. I have successfully copied and migrated the site onto a site on our Flywheels hosting plan. When attempting to point the IP Address at the new website, I see that the Domain Name was purchased through GoDaddy but the nameservers is managed through CloudFare. I checked the clients site on WP Engine and was confirmed that the DNS on the site is a proxy via CloudFare. The issue is, the client has no idea what CloudFare is and has no account information, I am assuming this what set up by another Web Dev company years ago.

My question is, is there anyway we can access the clients nameserver on Cloudfare or get a list of how the clients nameservers are set up on Cloudfare? I am eventually going to default the nameserver to Go Daddy but would like to see what was set up on CloudFare and possibly export the nameserver information.

I don’t really use Cloudfare and was not able to access support with a free account. Any advice or direction would be greatly appreciated.


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I am sure you can understand that Cloudflare is not going to be able to assist you in accessing someone else’s account. Based on the information you have provided, it is not your client’s Cloudflare account either, so you should just put the idea of gaining access to that zone data out of your head entirely. Unless you have the option to contact the owner of the Cloudflare account and request either acces or a copy of the zone date, any time you spend in furtherance of that objective will be time wasted.

You will need to compile the relevant records the old fashioned way: using DNS queries. Be aware that any hostnames that point to web servers may be proxied, which means you would receive a Cloudflare IP in response to your query. This should not matter for any hostnames that will be handled by your new site on Flywheel, but might be relevant in the event that there are any ancillary web services in that domain. You also may need to consult documentation and control panels from their other hosted services, such as email. Miss important records like DMARC, DKIM, and SPF, in addition to the more obvious MX records won’t do you or your client any favors.


I figured it would be a stretch getting the account info out of Cloudfare. Thank you for the response and the guidance!

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