Identification by google Gmail

*Hello, I ask for your help because the emails sent by my domaines accounts are not identified by google Gmail, can you see how to fix this.? i already validated the domaine at postemaster and set a TXT record on the domaine DNS.
Thank you

Can you clarify? Are you saying your google emails are not working with your domain?

Have you ensured that your MX records are set correctly?

Here is a help article from Google regarding domain email setup: Cloudflare: Activate Gmail for Google Workspace - Google Workspace Admin Help

I !, yess i thinks the dns TXT record is correct , my dns zone is hosted in cloudflare . I have just finished the validation process on google , is it takes time before the domaine e mails identification is effective?

Since you haven’t posted the domain, I can only suggest you try to see if that DNS record has propagated.

Do you see the MX records (which were added) in your DNS settings when going through the google setup process?

ok here is the domaine:

Your MX records are pointed toward OVH not Google:

The only TXT records I see are an SPF with OVH IP addresses, and a Google Site Verification code.

Plus some random one for which I have no idea of its purpose: 1|

its because my e-mail is managed by

so that Google Site Verification code can’t be used as e mail identification by google ? i was looking how to set a DKIM records to fix but don 't find the way ;
I got the random records from my ovh dns zone.

Best to check something like, or hire a mail admin to help with email DNS configuration.

so if i want to do it my self no body can monitor me from there?

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