IDEA DNS Record Grouping


I would like to request a DNS groupping.

For somehow, I using Cloudflare to add internal IP for managing Firewall, switches and virtualization.

Let say, I want to create a group called “Internal” and I move all internal IP to that group. So it will be much easier to control large scale of DNS.

Also I would like to request a “note” for every DNS that I have updated.

Hopefully CF team will consider this idea.


I like the “Notes” idea. That would also take care of the Grouping requirement by tagging entries with a group name. Search already finds record data, so notes would hopefully be searchable as well.

Being able to create groups for DNS records would be great (“ MX”, “ DKIM+SPF” etc). Take a look at the screenshot (click it to see the full height), it’s a complete mess.