Icon for my website

I have updated the icon for my website, many days back.

Purged, lowered browser cache setting to 2 minutes. But it still shows the old one.

What am I missing?

This is usually a stale cache somewhere.

If you can provide your site address, we can test it for you. Without that, there’s not a whole lot anyone can say or do to help you.


The icon is supposed to me same as the first image on the page.

So my website is hosted in Cloudflare pages and the old icon file does not exist in the Github project it is linked to. Then Cloudflare itself would act as the CDN. And then its my browser cache.

If you’re talking about the favicon, the old one is stuck in your browser somewhere. Yours is fine for me:

I have a site with the same issue, and I just haven’t bothered to dig deeper to find out how to reset it in my browser (Brave).

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