Icon disappeared

after activated Cloudflare, I see that the icons on my website are disappeared…

Can some help me please?
My WB: oemporiogamer.com.br

Awaiting for an asap reply

Was your site working fine on HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare?

the icons work on my site. Only on header and popups is not working. After “TODOS DEPARTAMENTOS” have an example

yes it was working normally

I’d pause Cloudflare for now (Overview screen, bottom right) and check if the UI glitch is still here. If it is, you’ll have to fix this on your server. Cloudflare won’t be involved here most likely.

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yes, i will definitely try that. Thanks very much for your attention Sandro.


I paused Cloudflare and it started working again FCK, any ideas how to fix it without disabling Cloudflare? I love Cloudflare CDN ):

Are you sure? This is loading it from your server and there are two headers as well.

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This does not seem to be related to Cloudflare:

  1. Icon does not work
  2. no Cloudflare header

I added an extra header to test something, but the icon “V” after ''TODOS OS DEPERTAMENTOS" is back. And my popups are working properly. I’ll activate CF again so you can understand what I’m talking about. Test again please

Can you post a screenshot of the actual issue. It’s not overly clear I am afraid.


Hey. Thanks a lot for the help. It was not CF, it was a glitch with elementor.

Yep, it usually is :slight_smile:. Cloudflare generally does not change any content.

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