ICMP proxy feature is disabled

Hi all,

I’m trying to get clouflared up and running as docker container on my Synology home server. I copied the docker command, it all comes up nicely and connection establishes.

The log brings 2 crucial warnings tho:

  • ICMP proxy feature is disabled (error=“cannot create ICMPv4 proxy: Group ID 65532 is not between ping group 1 to 0 nor ICMPv6 proxy: socket: permission denied”)

  • The user running cloudflared process has a GID (group ID) that is not within ping_group_range. You might need to add that user to a group within that range, or instead update the range to encompass a group the user is already in by modifying /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ping_group_range. Otherwise cloudflared will not be able to ping this network (error=“Group ID 65532 is not between ping group 1 to 0”)

Being a docker installation I have no config.yml or at least don’t know where to pick it up. What can I do to eliminate the warnings?


Warnings are not errors. They are probably fine if you understand their meaning. In this case it is telling you that ICMP proxying won’t work because the configuration of the system does not allow for that. It also provides a suggestion on how to address it; but if you don’t care about pinging your private origins from your WARP device, then you can just ignore these warnings.

Tnx Nuno for this swift reply.

Hmm, I hoped the warning is a hint in the direction why my local services aren’t accessible from the wide area, but agree with you, it’s just my router blocking ICMP pings :man_facepalming:

I’ll dig deeper and if need come back with a new post, will mark your reply as solution.

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