ICMP/Ping over Zero Trust Tunnels

I know there was an article that talked about ICMP/ping over Cloudflared Tunnels. However, it doesn’t seem like this functionality is automatically enabled on accounts. While there was a Google Forms on that initial page (Give us a ping. (Cloudflare) One ping only.) that talked about signing up for the beta program, I haven’t received any responses after filling out that form and pings still don’t work across tunnels.

Is ICMP support still in beta? If so, can someone still sign up for it and enable it on the account? If not, where exactly is this functionality enabled, assuming all the prereqs are met?

Looks like it has to be enabled under Settings → Network → Proxy → ICMP. Weird how this is unclear in the docs and that TCP/UDP traffic doesn’t appear to even need this to be enabled.