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I need help to determine if my settings are correct. I am at the point to finish setup. I verified all the records and it’s all there. Apple support was logged in to check with me and we both verified. It’s been 72 hours and it is still not setup? Now I am not sure what to do. I am non-technical and do not understand knowledge base -

message from apple iCloud+
Step 4: Finish setting up the domain
After you changed all the records on your registrar, verify to see if your domain and addresses have been successfully set up with iCloud mail.

Check your MX record

Make sure the settings that you updated on your domain registrar match the ones sent to you. If you just updated the information, try this again later. It can take up to 72 hours for your changes to take effect.

What’s your iCloud+ domain name?

That’s the most basic information we need before we can check anything for you.


Hey there! Thank you for the domain.

At the moment I can see that you have the DKIM CNAME record set to be proxied (orange-clouded), since the CNAME is getting flattened and is returning an A record with a Cloudflare IP instead.

dig cname sig1._domainkey.angledviewer.com +short

dig a sig1._domainkey.angledviewer.com +short

This record must be unproxied for the verification to pass successfully.

Additionally, I noticed that you don’t have your MX records set correctly at your domain root.

dig mx angledviewer.com +short

But they appear to be added here instead:

dig mx angledviewer.com.angledviewer.com +short

10 mx01.mail.icloud.com.
10 mx02.mail.icloud.com.

You will need to also move the MX records to your domain root (@) so that your email is properly setup.

Thank you Micky
I am non-tech and I am still not understanding but please check to see if I did this correctly. Also, isn’t it important that the domain is proxied vs non-proxied?

I am not quite understanding the MX

No problem!

The proxy helps protect your origin IP address, but this can cause issues when the record is being used for verification purposes, which you are currently doing. You can find more information in the following document: Cannot verify a domain with CNAME · Cloudflare DNS docs

The MX and CNAME records are correct now from what I’m seeing.

Could you check and see if your email working correctly now?

Yes it does work now.

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