ICANN lookup doesn't find my site

Hello all,

I could not find this in the search, so I start this thread.
I am new to cloudflare and wanted to change the servernames ccording to the first steps. Therefore I had to go to https://lookup.icann.org/lookup and put my domain einepriselecker.de in.

After that I get this notifcation:

No registry RDAP server was identified for this domain. Attempting lookup using WHOIS service.

In red:

Failed to perform lookup using WHOIS service: TLD_NOT_SUPPORTED.

I verified that my site is registered with Whois (with denic) and now I am really out of my depth.

Did anyone have the same problem?

Regards, Marsha

That should explain it :wink:

As for the setup, no your domain is currently not configured for Cloudflare. Its nameservers point to kasserver.com.

Okay, explains maybe, but how do I fix it? :wink: Going to whois.net also doesn´t help. It just says, my site is already registered. It doesn´t show me the registrar.

I never said that my domain is configured with cloudflare, I can´t do that, because I can not get to the server name to change it. I am not able to do this step:
2. Log into the administrator account for your domain registrar.

I just said that my domain is registered with whois for sure, because I checked on denic to verify that.

regards, Marsha

Fix what?

If you want to use Cloudflare you need to switch nameservers.

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So your issue is you dont know your own registrar? I am afraid only the German registry might be able to help here. Try to contact them.


Was I really that unclear? :thinking: My issue is that I am completely new to this stuff, wanted to setup cloudflare - changing the servername - and couldn’t even get to the point where the change is possible.

Anyhoo, I try here on the german side, thanks.

Hi @marsha.silenzi, as @sandro mentioned, you need to switch to the two name servers assigned by cloudflare. I see the zone pending in your account waiting for that update to take place.

To do this, you need to contact your domain registrar and ask them to change the names of your name servers to match only the two that are listed on the overview tab of your cloudflare dashboard.

Have you asked your registrar to make that change?

That seems to be the issue, the OP does not seem to know who the registrar is.

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I cannot “login” to change the servername, because no site shows me who my registrar is. Icann, devin etc. just tell me my domain is registered, but that’s it.

Screenshot_20190919-173548_Chrome|158x500 Screenshot_20190919-173854_Chrome|236x500

Well, you should know whom you are paying for that, right? If you dont know, nobody else will either and, I as I wrote yesterday, only the German registry can help you at best.

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Well, obviously I wasn´t aware that registrar and hoster are kind of the same…

Thanks for the help.

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