Ias-va/3.1 (+https://www.admantx.com/service-fetcher.html)

User Agent: ias-va/3.1 (+https://www.admantx.com/service-fetcher.html)

Hi, everyone. I read online that the above user agent is a service that advertisers can use to get a page rating telling them if they should place advertisements on it or not. ADmantX is beneficial if you are using some kind of web advertisement provider like [Google AdSense].

But when I go to https://www.admantx.com/, it says your connection is not private.

So, should I allow or block that user agent?

I just block it usually. My Browser’s UBlock Origin extension also blocks them anyway


Careful with this one, it can be legit and fake as i found out recently.

Just be careful running a rule on all admantx if you run ads especially adx, many bidders and advertises use this but i think have not updated user agent.

So its legit, but fakes will be in it like any useragent, but youll find more trash from old chrome/firefox useragents then this.


Thank you both. SuperBotFightMode is blocking it, and I only run Google Ads. In this case, it is okay that SuperBotFightMode is blocking it?

Superbotmode isnt well received here, until they allow requests that even mpvs here been asking for i think two years to be able to whitelist things in firewall rules its a dud.

Right now cf say add ip to allow list which is useless for situations like this, and adding ips then its bypassing all rules and waf, yes this is great for security isnt it Cloudflare and its security week, my lord…

Rant ended

Tldr, for ads superbot mode will affect rpm, even adsense to a small degree but adx and similar its crucial. many technologies exist like admanax exist or bidders either wont bid or bid half of what it should be if they cant reach your site to rate it or scan it etc for legit ad based purposes.

Personally make your own rules and fine tune, banning things like curl, wget, python, blank useragents so many easy things you can apply manually and whitelist if you see legit bots. Each site is different so testing is the key, do not copy and think is all good.

Searching these forums some great examples from mvps just a heads up.

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Those? You can’t trust’em :smile:


MVPs make some really dumb requests (not saying this is one of them). They put their pants on their pants the same as everyone else (except Sandra of course).

The recent friendly bot announcement may help some, but SBFM is very much a 5lb hammer.


I only know how to block empty useragents. Can you share your firewall rules?

Expression like:

(http.user_agent contains "part-of-user-agent-we-want-to-block")

Depending on the attack type, if user-agents, crawlers, etc., there are few I would recommend to add to your Firewall Rules , like the posted here:


Excuse my English. I was actually asking how to block curl, wget, and python.

As they are user-agents, here:

(http.user_agent contains "curl") or (http.user_agent contains "wget") or (http.user_agent contains "python") 

And select the action “block” :wink:


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