I would like to use Cloudflare service for my application

I am going to build specific application using Cloudflare service.

There should be mobile(Android+IOS) apps to upload video for streaming.
and i need to play this video as streaming in some of player.

I have few questions according to above.

  1. What are steps to build above application using Cloudflare?
  2. Is there any country limitation to access for this service?
  3. what is video streaming protocol on this Cloudflare service?
  4. Does this support specific player? or should i able to build custom player?
  5. i saw DNS setting when i signup Cloudflare account.

Why do i need DNS setting? and why do i need to input domain address when signup?

Does this mean that the Cloudflare is only available for my added domain address?

Yes, Cloudflare is primarily a DDOS protection and website security service. Stream currently is not an independent product.

Not that I know of; You may have issues with access in Iran or other US-sanctioned countries though.

The protocol is meant to be invisible when you use stream - the player ends up choosing the protocol for optimized delivery. (it often uses mpd/dash)

You must use the Cloudflare player due to how CF prices Stream (per minute of watch time), but you may customize it.


  1. is there any European country restriction to use this service or to play this stream>

  2. Is it possible to play this streaming on mobile apps?

  3. Is there any player for mobile side? i saw only web side player in document.

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