I would like to transfer my domain from cloudflare

i would like to transfer my domain name that was bought on Cloudflare because it does not allow me to change name servers. the option to transfer is greyed out because it is less than 60 days old. i would like to get this transferred out immediately

Probably best to reach out to support.

when i click support i keep getting sent to ask the community and i am unable to submit a request


Registrars must impose a lock that will prevent any transfer to another registrar for sixty (60) days following a change to a registrant’s information. Registrars may (but are not required to) allow registrants to opt-out of the 60-day lock prior to the change of registrant request. Likely, you’re going to have to wait-out the lock period.

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i really hope Cloudflare can help me transfer my domain name. it is there fault name servers cant be changed as i have read from the link posted above that many have asked for this to be included

Well, technically you knew that in advance and agreed to the terms.


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