I would like to roll my assigned nameservers

I would like to roll my assigned nameservers. I feel like my current account assigned nameserver pose a security risk as an individual. If my nameservers are rolled, it will provide me and my website greater privacy and security. Is that possible?

Not without deleting your website and Cloudflare account.

What makes you say that? The nameservers are randomly assigned for an account and can’t be used to trace a website to an account.

It won’t.


My assigned nameservers show up linked to one of my domains on the crimeflare database. Since one of my nameservers is on there, anyone that queries the nameservers on my other websites can find my website that shows up on crimeflare.

If you change the nameservers then the new ones will show up for it. Those types of tools uses tricks to get the real IP info. If your DNS records never go :grey: then they won’t be able to get the real IP address.

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