I would like to know what kind of service this price is

I would like to know what kind of service this price is.
Accelerated Gigabytes (First GB is included)

This is my old bill. The reason why I posted the old bill retrospectively Because I want to open Argo service again. But worried that the service fee will be very high.
Can anyone explain if it is related to Argo or not.

Yes, the “Accelerated Gigabytes (First GB is included)” charge on your bill is related to Argo Smart Routing. Argo has a base price of $5 per month, plus $0.1 per gigabyte after the first included GB.

Enabling Argo Smart Routing does two things:

  1. Your zone gets a new pair of proxy IPs with better routing. This means your visitors are more likely to connect to a PoP closer to them, thereby reducing the Client -> Cloudflare latency. From my experience, Argo proxy IP addresses are routed similarly to Enterprise proxy IPs.
  2. Cloudflare will route origin requests via an intermediate colo closer to your origin (Client -> Edge Colo -> Exit Colo -> Origin Server). This helps to avoid congested network paths and improve latency, since the TCP RTT between the exit colo and your origin server will be lower. This can greatly improve the TTFB of uncached requests if the client and origin server are far apart.
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