I would like to export all my Cloudflare Images from one account

I would like to export all my Cloudflare Images from one account and transfer them to a new Cloudflare Images account that I setup for a client.

Hi, we don’t have account migration option. How many images you need to move over?

I have 1000+ images to migrate, do we have any solution for this?

The option of manually uploading the images again is not an option for me because I would like to use the same ‘custom id’ for the images as these are being referenced on an active website and manually doing it for 1000+ images is very time consuming.

Please suggest.

you can preserve custom id - it’s not an issue. but you’d need to update ACCOUNT_HASH to a new one.

we don’t have solutions for this, never was requested to.

1000+ images doesn’t seem much, you can re-export originals and upload them to different account preserving custom id.

you can take a look at this if you face rate limits Images batch API · Cloudflare Image Optimization docs

The thing is I have given the custom id in the following format


now when I export the image it comes as “2b-4.extension” and not “10013/floorplans/2b/2b-1.extension”

so I still have to manually assign correct custom ids again if I follow your suggested approach.

Above are just some examples, all my images have similar(not same) naming format.

Please suggest.

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