I would like to do multiple things with a worker

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What is your question exactly? All of the things you listed are possible currently.

Can I do the following with a single worker (and if not, I would like to do them using as few workers as possible)

  • Redirect to another website
  • Have rate limiting enabled and/or blocking or challenging HTTPS flood requests (25 requests in 5 minutes will result in a CAPTCHA challenge, 50 requests in 10 minutes or less will result in all requests from that IP being blocked for 2 hours)! Rate limiting will work with default settings
  • Blocking certain IP addresses from accessing the worker (that can be customized at any time)
  • Block access from certain countries (that can be customized at any time)
  • Constantly log all returned responses (with the HTTPS response code).

I thought I had made that perfectly clear not only a week ago and that we had an understanding?

@AppleSlayer, you really don’t learn, do you? And if you take this as offence now, I am not going to apologise, as this is the fourth time that we discussed something, you agreed, only to do it a “second” later again.

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