I would like to charge and use IP / Country Block

However, now it is displayed as follows

An error has occurred, but do not worry, we’re on it!

What should I do?

Can you clarify what you mean by “charge”? Also, please describe the steps you are taking and if possible provide a screenshot of the error.

Sorry, the error has now been resolved.
Charge is billing.

However, I have another question.
We operate the *. gnext.asia domain.

Is it possible to limit the IP block restriction unit for each subdomain?

dev.gnext.asia -> only my office
production.gnext.asia -> accept all world

that would be helpful for us also, as we have a number of dev environments that we need to expose to the internet (and want to test through Cloudflare) but don’t necessarily want the public accessing inadvertently

Take a look in the API section at domain lockdown… while still in beta (despite the missing beta flag) I think that might do what you’re looking for. I expect it won’t be in the beta state too much longer…

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