I would like the domain databaseanswers.org pointed properly

Hello there! I am unable to speak to Cloudflare in order to point the domain databaseanswers.org back to the IP. The DNS have been managed by Cloudflare,. Please can somebody tell me how do I find out about the domain name databaseanswers.org. Why I cannot access to the website but I only get other company’s website comes up. Thank you very much for your help.


Can you describe the steps you took to move the domain away from the IP?

Where to begin?

If it is your domain, then you have it in an account that is different than what you are using here. If that is also your account, login to that account, note the nameservers on the dns app, contact your registrar and ask them to set them to those two. At the moment, they are not

Looks like they may have been pointing to cf at one point

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