I will get rid of my current wordpress site and upload a new one. I will reset my DNS as well. What about my CDN?

So before I reset my DNS (godaddy) I wanna know if it’s okay to do that given that my website is registered to cloudflare. However, I’ll be using the same domain name once I upload my new wordpress site.

You can certainly Purge the Cloudflare cache from the Overview or Cache sections of the Cloudflare dashboard. Otherwise, you should be fine.

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so when i did a reset on my godaddy account. Everything went back to default. including the DNS. Now what I did is I went to DNS tab in cloud flare and get a copy of Name Server go back to godaddy and change Name Server back to cloudflare. and Purge the Cloudflare cache.

I think my question is… Is my website CDN now hosted with cloudflare? Because it seems that when I run a speed test. CDN is not working. How long will it take effect?

What’s the domain?